Devious devices.

Twisted Lives


Imagine The Fugitive meets Presumed Innocent.

It happens more than you might think. One second someone’s life is totally typical, the next it’s terribly tragic. Everything they had, everything they planned, everything they were, all of it vanished in a flash due to a single devious deed.
The shock leaves the victim staring into tomorrow’s void. How is it possible? Who did it? And why?

What would you do if you woke to find that someone had framed you for a horrible crime, and the police were at your door? What if the evidence were so compelling that even you had doubts? Would you collapse? Surrender? Question your sanity? Or would you do whatever it takes to save yourself—and what’s left of your family?

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fun fact

Tim frequently draws character names from favorite Amazon reviews.  There are nine such honorees in Falling Stars. "Winners" aren't informed of their good fortune—they just find their names at the turn of a page. What fun! Perhaps you'll be next.

Of course, those characters are all good. If you’d like to “kill off” a friend in one of Tim’s books, feel free to drop him a line using the Contact page. Maybe your buddy will get (un)lucky.

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