Devious devices.


The boundless ambitions
of some CEOs and politicians
are dangerous, shameless and sly.
Only when heroes step forward to fight,
will we see the end of their lies.

Imagine HOUSE OF CARDS meets JAMES BOND in a clever suspense thriller.

Our world is plagued by the devious schemes of disguised cheaters and thieves. The worst of these frauds are perpetrated by prominent figures—powerful people with sincere smiles, boundless ambitions, and flexible souls. They play on hope, fear and pride while stealing billions right before our eyes.

This is the story of one such group. Although thoroughly unpredictable, it’s inspired by true events.

Created using the same compelling mix of savvy plotting, rapid pacing, and clever conundrums that turned the first four Kyle Achilles books into international bestsellers, Boundless Ambition gives you heroes to love, villains to hate, and puzzles to solve. It’s a story destined to delight both new comers and avid Tim Tigner fans.

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fun fact

Tim frequently draws character names from favorite Amazon reviews.  There are nine such honorees in Falling Stars. "Winners" aren't informed of their good fortune—they just find their names at the turn of a page. What fun! Perhaps you'll be next.

Of course, those characters are all good. If you’d like to “kill off” a friend in one of Tim’s books, feel free to drop him a line using the Contact page. Maybe your buddy will get (un)lucky.

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