Devious devices.

What new hell next?


When it comes to divorce, forewarned is forearmed.
This book delivers both in a story you can’t put down.

Equal parts suspense thriller and how-to manual, Tim’s memoir is a must read for anyone who’s facing a divorce with children, or loves somebody who is.


While most intuitively understand that divorce brings out the worst in people, and many have heard that separating can be extremely costly and frustrating, few approach the process aware of its greatest pitfalls, how truly terrible they are, and just how prevalent they’ve become.

In What New Hell Next? bestselling thriller writer Tim Tigner takes you behind the scenes of his divorce in a raw and candid look at the dirty tricks that once-decent spouses are gleaning from the internet, and the devastating impact they have on children.

If you think the worst couldn’t happen to you, either because you’re a stand-up individual or you believe your spouse is, think again. If you think the courts are fast, fair, or informed, think again. If you think divorce attorneys, judges, counselors, and therapists make truth, justice, or child welfare their priority, think again. Anyone contemplating divorce would be wise to study up before diving in. This story is a great place to start.

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fun fact

Tim frequently draws character names from favorite Amazon reviews.  There are nine such honorees in Falling Stars. "Winners" aren't informed of their good fortune—they just find their names at the turn of a page. What fun! Perhaps you'll be next.

Of course, those characters are all good. If you’d like to “kill off” a friend in one of Tim’s books, feel free to drop him a line using the Contact page. Maybe your buddy will get (un)lucky.

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