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The first Kyle Achilles Movie

February 26, 2019

Actually, movie is a bit of an exaggeration. Video is more accurate. Video clip better still. But I’m not complaining. Allow me to explain.

As an author, I get a lot of impactful email. Every day, people write me to praise or criticize projects that I spent many months of my life slaving to perfect. While most are similar, earlier this month I received one that really stood out.

A media relations executive at Ezvid Inc. wrote to let me know that they’d included my novel Pushing Brilliance on their wiki’s list of ten Thrillers That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat. They even made a promotional trailer to promote their list. To my knowledge, that’s the first time someone else has taken a stab at rendering one of my stories on a screen. Hopefully it won’t be the last.

You can watch the video here, where you’ll also see Ezvid Wiki’s trailers for books by my friends James Hankins and J.B. Turner among others.

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