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How Not To Die

August 22, 2016

A good friend recently recommended this bestselling health & fitness book to me, and it’s changing my life. I think it’s a book EVERYONE should read, and will be glad they did.

In HOW NOT TO DIE, Dr. Greger, the physician behind, takes you through reputable, clinical evidence supporting the treatment and prevention of most major maladies with diet. It’s full of practical advice and fascinating statistics, for example, that a single hotdog has as many carcinogens as four cigarettes.

The conclusions are so profound that at first you’ll wonder why they aren’t more commonly known. Then you’ll come to understand that our dietary beliefs are based largely on what we’re told by organizations (pharmaceutical, agricultural, governmental) with agendas rooted in profits and self-preservation. As Dr. Greger notes, there is no “Big Beet” but “Big Pharma” spends billions.

The short of the book is that most of the diseases we’re facing, including all the big killers (coronary disease, stroke, diabetes) and the smaller ones too, are directly linked to the consumption of animal products.

Since that’s a hard pill to swallow, or rather the implications to your diet are, I highly recommend you read the book. It’s exceptionally compelling.

If you do read the book (or listen to it as I did, read by the author) I can virtually guarantee that the only thing standing between you and a longer life, will be a bit of will power, and Dr. Greger will help you summon that as well. He provides scores of tips to facilitate a easier transition to a healthier, happier, more energetic you.

In closing, I’ll note that I have no financial interest in this book, and that in fact Dr. Greger is giving his profits from this book to charity.  

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