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Predicting History

June 30, 2016

In a move as surprising to England's voters as Donald Trump dropping out of the presidential election would be to America's, Boris Johnson announced today that he would not seek election as Prime Minister.

Why? Good question.

In CHASING IVAN, published earlier this year, I explore exactly that topic. In Ivan, it's the London mayoral race that's at stake -- something Boris Johnson actually won. I'm not saying Boris's reason is similar to that of my fictional character, but one has to wonder.

This isn't the first time I've seen my fiction brought to life. BETRAYAL's publication was delayed by years because it predicted a tactic that terrorists threatened using -- and still might.

While both titles are available on Amazon, you might consider visiting, where you can get your copy of CHASING IVAN for free. Then let me think if that's why you think Boris Johnson turned down the opportunity he's been pursuing his whole life. Between you and me, I think it is. But then, I love a good conspiracy. Do you?

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