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Missing Chapter

December 04, 2015

A few weeks ago, Audible released the audiobook for FLASH without Chapter 46. I've been working with them ever since to get the missing chapter inserted, and to alert those who bought it of the omission, but for some unfathomable reason, both are beyond their short-term capabilities. #$%^&*@! My deepest, most sincere apologies to all who have been affected by this shortcoming. I wish I could do more to remedy the situation than post this blog alert and provide this link to Chapter 46.

The complete recording of FLASH is a delight. Dick Hill did a marvelous job of bringing it to life. As the voice of Jack Reacher, Harry Bosch, and Nathan McBride, Dick has long been a hero of mine. He's also narrated BETRAYAL, which is complete and currently available on Audible.

I'm happy to offer anyone who purchased the incomplete recording of FLASH a free copy of the book. Just let me know and I'll set you up, immediately. Once the audiobook has been updated, purchasers can re-download it to receive the complete story.

On a positive note, one great new feature Audible now offers is the ability to share your audiobooks with up to ten friends. To give someone a copy of FLASH or BETRAYAL, just choose "Send Onebook" from the menu (the ". . ." icon) and it's easy from there. You can learn more here.

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