What New Hell Next?

Everyone wants it.
Few achieve it.
The lasting feeling of contentment and inner peace that comes when you’ve achieved everything you want in life.

Tim Tigner reached that mythical land just in time for his fiftieth birthday celebration. Watching the sun set from a vacation penthouse in Positano, he had a beautiful wife and two adoring daughters by his side.

Raising a second glass of Sassiciaia, Tim acknowledged his tremendous blessings. The family, fame, fortune, health, and above all, the reasonable expectation that the life he’d built would endure for decades.

He only got two years.

Whether you’re among the millions of readers who have enjoyed Tim Tigner’s thrillers, or you are new to this author, you’ll appreciate this intimate description of the unforeseeable forces that caused his world to crumble.

Join Tim as he struggles to defend his family against a sinister weapon that is silently ravaging millions of lives. What New Hell Next? is a suspenseful thriller and true story told with raw candor. It’s unlike any memoir you’ve ever read before.

"How many times can you say "Wow!"

Stephanie Mitchell

"I couldn’t put it down and finished it the day I received it."

—Roy Pascarella

"What a mind blowing true story"

Joel Sebastian

"This book is so compelling, I read it in one day!"

—Irene Gallo

"Simply amazing. Loved every word, loved every page, as much as any of his books"

—Diane Valha

"Everyone should read this book!"

—Sean Noble

"This story hits hard from the very first page straight through to the end."

Karen Bennett


One Thriller Writer's Personal Horror Story




This is not a typical Tim Tigner book. It is not fiction. It does not revolve around an invention poised to alter life on earth. It does not tie a dozen strands of suspense into a satisfying conclusion. It is raw nonfiction.

But this book is a thriller.

This story is filled with tragedy, surprise, and suspense. It has heroes, villains, victims and one very sinister secret weapon. It is a tale of treachery and greed battling resilience and love. What’s more, you already know the main character. You and I have been through a lot together, haven’t we, dear reader?

What New Hell Next? is a memoir covering the last eighteen months of my life. My downfall, not my rise. I am writing this, my thirteenth book, both because I believe it will keep you flipping pages, and because it is the only story I’m capable of telling at this time.

Welcome behind the curtain of my crazy life. What you’re about to read, should you choose to continue, is a raw, cathartic tell-all, edited for brevity rather than content. Only the names of my family members have been changed.

Tim Tigner
May 2022

PS: You’ll find family photographs and other exhibits scattered throughout the book. The letters I reference are included as exhibits at the end.


Chapter 1
The First Twist


It is 12:52 pm on September 22, 2020, and I’m teetering on the edge of a chasm. My footing was firm a second ago, but I’ve lost my balance after stumbling on a handwritten bomb.

Behind me, a wonderful wife and two adoring daughters are smiling in our storybook home. A dream job, a bit of fame, and a world of freedom round out the perfect picture of my past life. Before me is a black void. Staring into it, I envision more pain than I’ve ever experienced. It’s the endless, tormenting, soul wrenching type, and it’s framed in financial ruin.

The explosive object in my hand appears to be nothing but a note. A jotting carelessly left exposed on a busy binder page. But the seven short lines do not fool me. They are domestic dynamite.

There’s an email address, a postal address, a full name, and a long series of numbers. I recognize the name and address of my wife’s best friend, Marina Osnovikov. I recognize the numerical pattern as a credit card, complete with security code. And I recognize the @disso.com email address for what it is: the flame that will spark the explosion.

In California, a “disso” is a spreadsheet produced by the infamous DissoMaster software program. It refers to dissolution as in dissolution of marriage. In short, a disso is an alimony and child support calculation.

The law firm that owned that power domain would be staffed by archetypal divorce attorneys. Ruthless, soulless, and more expensive minute-by-minute than a Michelin three-star restaurant.

The inescapable conclusion comes quickly. The love of my life and the mother of my children is secretly preparing to sue me for divorce while taking counsel from sharks.

I am about to lose my wife, half my children, and two-thirds of my marital assets.

If that scenario summed up my story, it would still qualify as a tragedy, but it would not merit a biography. I would have written another spy novel rather than this memoir, perhaps killing off the series character based on my wife in some dark, cathartic escapade.

However, as you likely noted, you are reading a chapter titled The First Twist in a book called What New Hell Next? written by an author known for the originality of his thrillers. Therefore, you are expecting something far more unusual, sad, and surprising.

You are right to do so.

It’s unlike any memoir you’ve ever read before