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Framed for murder and on the run, former Olympic biathlete Kyle Achilles is also in the crosshairs of assassins’ guns. Why? He has no idea. He’s fighting blind against two master strategists and one extraordinary invention—known as Brillyanc.

Achilles’ only ally is the other prime suspect, a beautiful Russian mathematician who is either the best or worst person to ever enter his life. Katya was engaged to Achilles’ brother — before he died.

Chasing clues while dodging bullets, Achilles and Katya race around the globe, uncovering a conspiracy conceived in Moscow, born in Silicon Valley, and destined to demolish both the White House and the Kremlin. Along the way a lost soul finds purpose, a broken heart confronts forbidden love, and America gains a new hero.

Packed with heart-stopping surprises, paced by razor-sharp plotting, and populated with richly rendered characters, Pushing Brilliance will leave you breathless and longing for more.

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Tim Tigner

The author of three bestselling thrillers, Tim served in counterintelligence with the Special Forces prior to a globetrotting career on the cutting edge of medical technology. He writes fast-paced conspiracy thrillers involving devious devices, international intrigue, and the deadly mistake of messing with the wrong guy. 

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