Two distressed heroes.
Three dastardly crimes.
And the slickest heists
of all time.

Imagine Bin Laden meets Bernie Madoffand hold on, if you can.


Kyle Achilles series #3, COMING THIS FALL.

"Every bit as spellbinding as David Baldacci."

—Kathryn Grady

"Clever to the point where you can't put the book down."

—Maryellen Crane

"Eternally grateful to the friend who told me about Tim Tigner."

—Bob Joiner

"Think of Tim Tigner as Tom Clancy without the filler."

—Larry Nesbit

"High octane action. A gem of a read."

—Conrad Samayoa

"Achilles is my new Mitch Rapp."

—R. Getty

"All I wanted to do was read, read, REad!"


"Tim Tigner has joined the ranks of Creichton, Cussler, etc."

—Maureen Dickerson.

"Still trying to catch my breath. He is a superb storyteller."

—Amy Peck

"Whew! What a ride! Better than any Preston book I ever read."

—Deb Rebisz